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Attorney Moraski specializes exclusively in Criminal Defense. He understands that being charged with a Criminal Offense can be a frightening and humiliating experience. After you have been arrested, the police and prosecutors have already made the decision that there is enough evidence to convict you of the crime you are charged with. Experienced prosecutors and law enforcement officers will pursue your criminal case relentlessly. In Massachusetts, we have an adversarial system, meaning that only your Criminal Defense Attorney will advocate on your behalf. Many people who have not had experience in the criminal justice system believe that maybe the prosecutor or Judge will take it easy on them because they are a nice people or because they have never done anything wrong before. However, the prosecutor’s job is to pursue convictions in most cases and the Judge’s duty is to uphold the law. Only an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney like Attorney Moraski can help navigate your case through the complicated waters of the criminal justice system.

With a reputation for aggressively representing criminal clients, with an eye towards litigation. Many attorneys are afraid to take your case to trial for fear of losing, the hard work that goes with trying cases and because of the time it takes to go to trial. Attorney Moraski loves going to trial and is a firm believer that taking cases to trial gets a client the best results. Oftentimes, by forcing the prosecution to trial and not taking a plea deal, it forces the prosecution to see the weaknesses with their own case and weaknesses in their own witnesses. Additionally, taking cases to trial will usually force the prosecutor to offer you the best deal. Usually a client would never be offered such a good deal at the pre-trial stage of litigation, but once the prosecutor sees the weakness in his or her case and the time and energy of the trial that lies ahead, you usually get your best offer the day of trial. Attorney Moraski handles everything from serious felony charges like Murder, Home Invasion and Robbery, all the way down to misdemeanor charges like OUI, Assault and Battery and Drug Possession Charges. When you are faced with a serious criminal charge that carries jail time, you need an experienced attorney who will fight for you every step of the way, especially at the trial phase.