One of the greatest problems that small businesses and startups must deal with is the fact that they are constantly facing disproportionally stronger competitors. How is a young SMB to fight a company that has a decades old reputation, already established customer base and a network of contacts, as well as much bigger marketing budget? The answer to this question is quite simple – by using unconventional marketing tactics known as guerilla marketing. With this in mind, here are few ideas you may find particularly useful in your future guerilla marketing campaign.

1.     The use of public art

While it is true that many still see graffiti as a form of vandalism, in the modern world, this form of visual expression is getting closer and closer to being recognized as an art that it is. Thanks to artists like Banksy, we might see the peak of this art in our lifetime. Still, how does this benefit your marketing? For starters, it gives you a way to send a message in an intriguing and unique way, as well as turn more than a few heads. Think of it as taking a conventional billboard marketing to a whole new level. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t disturb other people’s property without their consent, seeing how this may backfire for both you and your brand.

2.     Traditional marketing strikes back

Sometimes, in order to go forward, you might need to pick up a trick or two from the past. For instance, digital marketing is currently in its full swing, which makes some people forget about numerous, still efficient, traditional marketing methods. A perfect example of this is telemarketing which can be used to give your website traffic a significant boost. Additionally, you could also go ahead and make some promotional products you will later hand out. While some may dispute the costs-efficiency of the latter method, if you decide to, for example, go with high-quality bulk t shirt printing you will still stay on the budget while achieving your goal.

3.     Going online

In a physical world, it is quite easy for people to make an estimate of your company’s overall successfulness. All they need to do is look at your office, your premises, and your product and they will get a general impression of what they are dealing with. On the other hand, the only way in which they can measure you up is through your digital footprint.

By creating a responsive design and an interesting logo or catchphrase you can really start making some ripples in the business world. Moreover, some tend to argue that one of the easiest white hat ways to gain attention is through controversy. This kind of controversial branding was known to work in the past and it might be just the kind of guerilla marketing you currently need.

4.     Give everyone a piece of your mind

Finally, you need to identify your target demographic in order to see what their points of interest are. Once you have this important piece of information you need to hit forums such as Reddit and Quora and give everyone a piece of your mind. Even if they don’t necessarily agree with you, having a strong opinion about your statement might urge them to look a bit more into your online portfolio. In this way, they can stumble upon your product or service spontaneously.


The best thing about these guerilla marketing methods is the fact that they are quite frugal and don’t require you to have an already established reputation within your industry. In other words, they allow you to start building your corporate renown from scratch. Furthermore, they allow you to compete with much larger counterparts, which is definitely something your business needs.