Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Effective May 28-2018

First note that our website and services we perform are for Canadian and United States residents ONLY. We perform our services for these two countries ONLY. If you are NOT located within Canada or the United States, we ask you please to not use our contact us forms and to contact us, to place any ads or listing. If you are located outside of North America, your listing will NOT BE APPROVED and your newly created account will be deleted.

Who we are:

360 Web Firm – – We are a website design and development company located in Cornwall, Ontario Canada. We also host websites using our VPS server. We operate this business directory for people within Canada and the United States ONLY.

What personal data do we collect and why we collect it:

When you use our contact forms to contact us, or when you place an ad or listing on one of our business directories, we will save your email address and name and phone, and all other fields you fill out when placing a business listing in one of our directories. Your IP address also might be saved by our Google analytics. Our contact forms might also save your IP address. Our database will share your listing details until you request your listing to be removed, your listing has expired and you do not renew your listing. The listings will store information you choose to place in your business directory listing. This information varies on the business and information you wish to share. We collect this information to be able to show it on your listing to help you gain more exposure or advertise your business.

Who we share your data with:

When you place a listing on one of our directories and the listing gets approved by us, then the information you place in our directory will be shown to anyone who visits your listing. This is the reason for our business directory is to gain more exposure for your business. SO PLEASE only add the information you wish to share with any potential visitor to our business directory website.

How long we retain your data:

If your listing gets approved, it will be on our business directory website for 1 year. This could be extended if you decide to renew your listing. If you become a customer of ours, then we will keep it as long as you are a customer of ours.

What rights you have over your data:

The information you provide is your name, email and phone number, plus all other business details such as description, images you upload and other business details. You already have access to this information. You may request your listing to be removed at any time. We will remove your listing and your account details. When you create an account with us, you have the right to login to your account and change, update or delete your content. If you wish all your content to be removed such as your account details when signing up such as email and name, then contact us and we will remove all existing content for you.

Where we send your data:

Your data is sent to our server and also to our email which we use an SSL for our email. Your listing details are also sent to our server located in Montreal where the listing details are stored in a database until you decide to remove your listing or your listing gets removed or expires.

Contact Information: and phone is 613-(833) WEB-FIRM